Brian Abracen

Kijiji Canada
Re-engagement Marketing Manager

Brian Abracen is a Digital Direct Marketer with profound expertise in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. He is passionate about Marketing Automation with deep expertise in Email and Database Marketing. He is always focused on engaging, delighting, and retaining a organization’s existing customer and donor base, through providing as personalized a journey and experience as possible.

Brian is Manager of Re-engagement Marketing at Kijiji Canada, where he leads all direct to consumer marketing initiatives. He is also a guest lecturer at BrainStation, teaching email marketing as part of the Digital Marketing course. Previously, Brian was Director of Customer Engagement at Intelex Technologies, as well as Senior Conversion and Retention Manager at FreshBooks. He has also held leadership and consulting roles in online marketing at Bell, and Federation CJA in Montreal.

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You already know that maintaining donor relationships is key to the success of your not-for-profit, but repeat donations can be difficult to secure. NFP organizations retain less than one third of first-time donors on average, which means that you could be missing huge opportunities to secure repeat donations. On top of that, retaining donors is less expensive than finding new ones.

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can help you nurture donors and build trust and loyalty, which is essential for donor retention. Without CRM, NFPs only have a fuzzy picture of who their donors are, and how they interact with their organizations.

Learn how you can increase donor retention through personalized CRM-based marketing.

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