Shub Sengupta

Capacity Canada
Digital Media Coordinator

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of the nonprofit and tech sectors, Shubhagata Sengupta (Shub for short) is a digital renaissance man who is obsessed with how the latest and greatest tech can better the world. He currently serves as a Digital Media Coordinator at Capacity Canada while working on his tech startup,

Shub’s work in the nonprofit sector focuses on digital media, social media, and all things tech – how organizations can use technology to further their cause and continuously improve. He loves to share his experiences at conferences and hackathons. Some of his other interests include photography, travelling, cars, and puppies.

Session Information


If you’re looking for a session that will introduce you to tools you can use immediately, this is it!

There’s an enormous number of tools out there that can be used for nonprofits, but how do you filter out the ones that are affordable and useful for your organization? We’ve done all the searching for you and this session will be a rapid introduction of a variety of the latest tools that can assist your organization with fundraising, marketing, data management, and more!

Led by experienced nonprofit staff and consultants who are constantly scouring the world for new and useful tools, this will be a highly engaging and fun session! Don’t miss out!

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